Powerful feature set to power any creative idea

  • Autoshare new content:

    From an RSS feed, social media posts, or your website

  • Broadcast messages:
    To all your subscribers at once
  • Group chat:
    Let your community connect around your content.
  • Live Q&A:
    Connect with your fans in a personal interface
  • Polls and quizzes:
    Get feedback and entertain your audience.
  • API integrations:
    Incorporate other services using a web API.

Features Everybody wants in a Chatbot

Smart AI

Artificial Intelligence picks up similar phrases and entities from the user's query and responds with the best answer.

Analytics Integration

Know what your users has been talking about via simple integration with popular analytics platform, including Chatbot.

Machine Learning

Teach your chatbot new sentences overtime, know what questions chatbot failed to answer and teach your chatbot new sentences.

Human Takeover

Human can takeover chat from chatbot anytime and anywhere! We know about that chatbot isn't 100% accurate today at this time.

Get enriched data

Take advantage of our Named Entity Recognition to detect important keywords in your sentences. We enrich them with key data to make your development faster..


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Across devices

Whether users are on-the-go or at home, engage with them through wearables, phones, cars, speakers and other smart devices..

Around the world
Broaden your reach globally with 14+ supported languages including Spanish, French, and Japanese..